Your budget, in less than 5 minutes a week

Raising kids on your own after a divorce is hard enough, we'll help in five minutes or less per week.

Built for single moms

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Know what you can afford without the guess work

We’ll automatically import your income and expenses and project your monthly spending so you’ll know if you should catch a movie with your kids or not.

See your financial health in realtime

No complicated Excel spreadsheets or fancy charts, we’ll make your financial position as clear as day.

We’ll help you save money

Forgot to ask for reimbursement from the other parent? We will remind you and you can do it straight from the app!

What people say about us

“On a scale of 1-10 for how valuable it is, it's a 20! I can always come back to the app to show my ex what he owes me, which has helped our communication a lot!”

“We used to just default to splitting everything evenly, which doesn't always make sense or happen in practice. Now we can easily change that."

“I never knew how much I spent on my children until I started using Onward to track and manage my spending."

Manage your budget in less than 5 minutes a week

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